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15 Degree Engine Hood Block - How to cut the Bevel
One of our members had a "How-To-Cut" question and asked for some assistance.
His project was to remake a wooden toy given to him.
He needs to cut the bevel on the engine hood component and was not sure how to do it safely.
Here are the original photos: 1 Engine Hood A.jpg 2 Engine Hood B.jpg 
Here is what we are going to make: 3 15 Deg Eng Hood.jpg 

And here are my results:
18 Results 2of2.jpg 
The method and steps I took to make this component are explained in the attached downloadable PDF file.
pdf 15 Degree Engine Hood Block.pdf    

Happy Toy Making Beveled Cuts
Imants Udris (Udie) 

Ken Martin

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Good Job Udie
Thanks for sharing this info.
It will help a lot of us, when we face the bevel challenge.
You do such a good job with these posts, with the photos and explanations.
Easy Reading

Kenneth W Martin

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good tip there udie 
Gary Wisbey

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Thanks for the valuable help, Udie to my question.  With this explanation it will be so easy.
Dan Parker

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This is both great as a learn how to but it is also a great lesson in Safety with a Table Saw I know that I still have 4 and a thumb on each hand and I hope it stays that way.
   Udie - I was wondering how hard it would be to cut a compound angle say like in the hood of an old MG or say Maybe a Rolls Royce where the the hood has the angle from side to side but the hood is long and comes to a point that meets the radiator housing. I was not sure but I was wondering if this would be a difficult set up??

Don - I am sure you are talking about Vintage MG's and RR's. Right now it looks like all you have to do is make two (2) Mitre cuts, not bevels, from front to back.
Now if you want the hood to slope forward, angle the bottom to the angle desired.
See photo below.
Easy task for disk/belt sander. Udie
MG Hood.jpg 

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