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 This is the 1912 Barney Oldfield.

I did this in full scale the first time. This time I did it at half scale. I got to use mostly scrap and left-over wood.

The first thing I did was the cut the boat tale out of one piece of a block of a pine. Once that was done the rest was easy. This project whether full scale or half scale is a good one and quite easy to put together.

I would recommend this project to one and all.

The first two pictures are the half scale, although you can’t compare the size to anything, but it really is. You can see the compare a lot better on the next pictures.

Thanks for lookin’

1912 Barney Oldfield Half Scale1.jpg  1912 Barney Oldfield Half Scale2.jpg  1912 Barney Oldfield Full-Half Scale Compared.jpg  1912 Barney Oldfield Full-Half Scale Compared1.jpg  1912 Barney Oldfield Full-Half Scale Compared2.jpg 

-Bill  [comp]

My saw is a DeWalt788
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Toy Wizard at
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Looks great Walker amazing as usual

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Just WOW!
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