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Hello everyone,

I'm new to the toy making field and this is my first time on the forum and first time to build one of the toymakingplans projects.  I've learned a lot from reading these posts and finding out the things that work and don't work for folks.  Just finished the Mercedes lorry truck project (1 painted and 1 with oven staining and wax).  The painted version gave me fits at first but once I took it apart (after glueing) and rebuilt it, it came together OK.  The oven staining worked well on the other and yes, it does smell up the kitchen!  Wow, lots of fun and learned a lot.

Looking for my next project and considering the 1932 fire truck.  The pictures in the video and ad look great and I was trying to match the stain.  Was trying to figure out the wood type, stain and final finish of the one in the picture.  My guess was maple, some kind of reddish stain on the wheels and poly for the finish.  But........I'd like your better educated thoughts on these items.  Thanks for your help. Trucks.JPG

Ken Martin

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First; Big Welcome to the forum and Toy making.

GREAT JOB on these two trucks.  
You are quite a craftsman, and I believe we will all benefit from having you on board.

Toy making is so much fun, don't you think?  Wait tell you see the smiles from children when they get to see your work.

So looking forward to your next project, and thanks for sharing.

Kenneth W Martin
john lewman

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We are pretty thrilled to see your post this morning and are happy that you have joined. These two trucks are as fine a build of this plan set as any I have seen. They are really beautifully done. We would love to see more photos of both versions when you get time to post them.

I like your ideas for the fire truck. Please consider posting your progress as you build it in a series of How-I-Did-It posts and photos on the forum. We look forward to seeing your creations on the forum.

Brian Lambert

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Welcome to the forum! Great job on the trucks. We'll be waiting to see your next project.

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Having built one of these it is a great set of plans. You have done an exceptional job on them both and like others look forward to seeing more of your work.
I have so much fun playing with wood.

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Welcome.  great job on the trucks, they look great.  Not sure of your access to different types of wood for the fire truck but often what I do is - the big pieces use the less expensive wood and use the nice mahogany, walnut, cherry for accent pieces.  Just an idea.
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