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Posts: 190
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The second car made for my desk had bad rain here last week and could not do my jobs at home so I decided to make the car. Made from MDF and wheels made from 15 mm MDF & 8 mm ply wood

Size   (5”) W   (4 -1/2”) H   (14 - 1/2”) L   (wheels -2  1/4”) 



Ken Martin

Avatar / Picture

Posts: 988
Reply with quote  #2 
Wow Lloyd

You did it again.  What a beautiful car, and the detail is just amazing.
Every photo is a pleasure to look at.

It is hard for me to believe my eyes.
I love the removable top and the rumble seat in the trunk.

I can not envision doing the detail work you did on the front of the car.
How in the world did you do the radiator grill, and the light bar for the headlights.

This model is so real looking, it could be real.  I [love] this build.

This is a masterpiece.  Well done.

I wish you lived closer, because I would love to study under you, just to learn a little bit of what you can do.  

If you have not guessed, I am so impressed.

Kenneth W Martin

Posts: 190
Reply with quote  #3 

Thanks Ken

The radiator grill made it from a old computer tin  fan mesh  I had in my home and the light bar made from 1/8 ply  the rumble seat not sitting to good in the photo when it  is open  because of the paint now I glued a new piece of wood in the bottom to hold in place.


Posts: 196
Reply with quote  #4 
Great work Lloyd this is one of the best I have ever looked at, if I could do half as good as you ,I would be happy.
Well done and no doubt you will do more great work. George
osni chioveto

Avatar / Picture

Posts: 189
Reply with quote  #5 
Meu amigo Lloyd, o que posso dizer desta maravilha !!!!!!!!!!!, simplesmente fantástico, obra de arte.
Orgulho de ver um trabalho tão bem feito, parabéns meu amigo.

My friend Lloyd, I can say this wonder !!!!!!!!!!! simply fantastic work of art.
Proud to see such a job well done, congratulations my friend.

Avatar / Picture

Posts: 768
Reply with quote  #6 
A real pleasure to view indeed, and a family heirloom for sure.
Ken Martin

Avatar / Picture

Posts: 988
Reply with quote  #7 
Thanks Lloyd for the How to on the grill and the light bar.

I just had to come back and look at it again today, just to make sure I was not dreaming last night.

I also showed my wife and her comment was that is not a toy, it is Art.

Again great stuff.

Kenneth W Martin

Avatar / Picture

Posts: 1,179
Reply with quote  #8 
Lloyd - What a great photo the 1st one is. Tricky guy using the stone table against the driveway, really  gets me confused on the scale - looks so real - love it as with all the other photos.
   Hard not to  repeat what others have already said, all I can say is - if I was to talk about and ask questions about all the fabulous details I am seeing it would take more than one full screen on this Forum post. Excellent job my friend. Thanks so much for posting.
   I am going to add to Ken's comment about living near you - I'll have to check out the cost of living in you area as well as job opportunities because I would love to live near you to see first hand how you are making these - might be time to pick up my toys and move. LOL
   OK, so let me get this straight, it was raining where you live for a couple of days and you whipped this up, unbelievable - do you ever sleep?
   I'm going to ask you a big favour on behalf of myself and the members - next time you start another of these outstanding builds, can you take the time and document the build and post the progress in stages for us. If you were to document your build to completion and then in the end tease us by posting stages of the build that would really keep us on edge waiting for your next post. But be prepared to be bombarded with questions from our members.
   Thanks again for posting your incredible projects.


Dolf Joubert

Posts: 124
Reply with quote  #9 
   Another masterpiece!!! Whow, man, I just do not know how you do it so brilliantly. I agree absolutely with everything the members said and would hate to repeat them. I would also like to request that you built and document, with photo's of course, your progress with your next built -PLEASE!! I would like to learn from the master.
I have so many questions. It is really a pity that you do not live close by, as I would really like to meet you and see your workshop, machinery and tools. Where I live, toymakers are few and far between.
None the less, brilliant work and the detail is to die for!!
I cannot wait to see what your next model is going to be!

Posts: 190
Reply with quote  #10 

Thank you George, Osni, Bucko,  Udie, Dolf,  for all the compliments

Udie - The first 3 photos I took the night before about 5.30 pm just finished the car and waiting for the next day for paint to dry on the rumble seat before I take more photos.

I did say to Ken  Martin last week I would do video and document the build but this car I made very quickly just over a week to make so I could get on with my jobs in my home buy now it rain again.

So if you want pick a car for me to make and I will post everyday on the forums with plans for you to build with me I look this morning at some cars on the internet and pick two cars I like but help me pick a car so we can make together.

The car photos I pick this morning but you pick a car for me and let’s start to make it next week.


Ken Martin

Avatar / Picture

Posts: 988
Reply with quote  #11 

I know you are talking to Udie about picking a car to build, and I don't have a say in it.

However if I did, I would LOVE to see you build the red car in the top photo.
Man that would be a great thing to see getting built.

I am so excited you are willing to do this project for the rest of us to learn from.  It really does not matter which one you pick, because it will be a great learning experience for the rest of us.

Note:  When you said the 1934 Mercedes only took you a week, I am blown away by that. If I was going to try a model that complex I would still be looking at the plans at the end of the first week.


Kenneth W Martin

Posts: 190
Reply with quote  #12 

Hi Ken

No Ken I’m not just asking Udie I’m asking all of you on the forums to pick a car for me.

And I’m happy Ken you picket Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost (1907) I like very much.


Posts: 120
Reply with quote  #13 

G’day Lloyd,

You are truly a fantastic craftsman and your workmanship is truly without fault and I for one find myself in awe of your work. I in years past did build creations such as you from scratch using all manner of things but those were the days when I had 20/20 vision and was steady of hand and body and very much younger.

I’d like to see a thread put aside for creations such as yours because I believe that creations like yours do not fall into the theme of this forum ‘Udie’s Toymaker Forum’. I know that I’m going to cop a lot of flack over my comments, but creations like yours and those I built in past years cannot be considered as Toys. I define the word toy as being (and is only my opinion) ‘a thing to be played with mainly by a child’, and that a ‘Toymaker’ is (again in my opinion) a person male/female who builds something that a child can play with.

In all honesty at what age group would any one give to a child that which you have created?

Your work Lloyd is outstanding and I for one can sit and admire every fine detail of your creation and I’d Like to see it and others creations like yours in an appropriate thread were we can go and admire these Fantastic creations.

I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work and from one former scratch model builder to another I wish you Good eye sight and steady hand for a very, very long time. [thumb]


Avatar / Picture

Posts: 1,179
Reply with quote  #14 
Lloyd - What a fantastic offer, thank you and a very difficult decision it is to pick one.
I am in agreement with you and lets take a vote and let the members be you guide.
I'm voting for the red one.
   But if have to tell you this as a side note - I'm in CANADA and Ken is in California USA and we were talking on the phone about your 'pick a car', funny enough, both of our wives came in room, looked over our shoulders and asked what we are doing and we said, we're looking a cars and trying to decide which one to suggest Lloyd to make. He is offering to build and record the build of one of them. And both wives said ..... 'Ohhh I like the red one'. Does their vote count? ... you be the judge.
   I'm have been looking at both cars for quite some time, thinking how you would possible make them.
I'm thinking at what scale, I'm looking at the metal work, details, seats, contours of the bodies, curved doors, thin/thick fenders, all that kind of stuff and am really looking forward to learning how you do it and do it in such a short time frame. Be it wood or a combination of wood, metal or what ever. Where/how will you get the photos of all the sides for all the details required for your build.
These are pieces of art and I am sure a car enthusiast would pay big bucks towards the opportunity of owning one.
   There is no rush in producing and posting your stages of build, take your time, sometimes documenting projects takes longer that the actual build. 
We are all very eager to learn/see your method.
We are like sponges waiting to be dipped into your pool of knowledge and craftsmanship.

Thanks again for your very generous offer.

Posts: 190
Reply with quote  #15 

Thank youKJL1951   

You know I think this myself many times when is a toy not a toy or is it a model and how old are you when you think it is time to stop playing with toys I think nether it is always with us to play with toy or make toy models except for when we make toys for are self’s we make not to play with just to view. Many people make toys some make to make money some make for fun I make for myself to view I made the 1957 Yellowstone Camper & Woody Wagon & Trailer and these two car sit on my toy shelf with the two trucks and I not let no one play with these two cars. So I think model is a toy just not to play with and I think it was a good idea want the forums did and make new thread in the forums for us to post are work.


Toymakers Photos of Toys for Display
Check out these high level toys that are designed for display and not play!

PS. And my eyes not 20/20 vision no more get old now 55 years

Hi Udie – I know when I did Painting Tips & Techniques it took me all day to take the photos and post it on forums and when I took the photos  my wife made me do again all you could see is bare feet and toes on photos  and yes  your wife’s  their vote count too I start to do the plans this week and try to make on Monday  I know now my garden wall not going to get done this year in one month rainy season will start here so making the car will give me something to do and  document thebuild

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