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I have had a very busy week trying to get these two cars made. Much work but well worth the effort.I have painted them but made them from good quality wood.Think i will make them from mdf next time.
These two i keep for my self going on my new toy shelve.
I really enjoyed making the wheels.I made them with my hand drill and needle file.
Not put the headlights on yet going to make a new design for them.
Love to have two full size cars like these two parked on my driveway.

And Thank you to you all for your comments on my VW Hot Rod Bug & Commando Helicopter.

1957 Yellowstone Camper + Woody Wagon & Trailer

SAM_7440.jpg  SAM_7444.jpg


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Lloyd, you are going to have to explain how you made the wheels now, you have my curiosity up.
Someday I'll learn to paint as well as you do, love the finish and the workmanship, it is great. I think you will have a lot to add to our growing family of toymakers.
Steve Currier
osni chioveto

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Oi Lloyd
Fantástico esses carrinhos, maravilhosamente bem pintados.
Você está de parabéns pelo trabalho, acabamento perfeito.
Um abraço

Hi Lloyd
Fantastic these carts, beautifully painted.
You are to be congratulated for the work, perfect finish.
a hug

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Lloyd, these are awesome.  I love the colors and the finish is perfect.  Great, great, great.
cynthia lewman

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Lloyd, these are fantastic! Please share with us your painting technique and paint brands you used. The colors you used are beautifully vibrant and look buffed to a glass like surface.

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Lloyd - Excellent job, great paint job, the colours just pop. Almost look like they have been plastic coated. Looking forward to hearing your technique.

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Thank you to you all for your nice comments

My painting techniques.I do like to hand paint you will get a better finish than spray paint.But it takes many days for the paint to dry.These two cars i spray painted with acrylic paint for quickness before i go away for christmas.But aways hand paint the first coat of primer before i spray paint and put on very thick coat and sand it off the next day back to wood.The first coat of primer and paint are very important you get right. Take your time i spend many hour in my backyard sanding Down by hand and never use a electric sander aways by hand and never buffer or polish not need to.It may not be the right way todo it but it works for me.Next time i will take photos and show you when i start the finishes.

Steve that is the first time i have trun wood i know it was in hand drill but really enjoyed making the wheels.Wish i had a lathe think i would spend many hours on it you could make some really nice wheels.


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Great Job! Beautiful paint job. I just bought these patterns last night and hope to do as good a job as you.
-Bill  [comp]

My saw is a DeWalt788
Measure twice; cut once; count fingers after cut

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Fantastic work and done on such a short period of time.

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Beautiful work I realy like the looks of these toys. I would love to make these but I'm just a beginner. Great work thanks for sharing.
phantom scroller

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Phenomenal work and I love the colours.

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Lloyd, I am interested in your use of brush-on primer. I am not familiar with what is available. Is the primer water or oil-based? The results look fantastic.

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Hi Dave
Yes the primer I use is  oil-based It was a very cheap primer because I know I was going to take the top off for 2 or 3 days. If you not sure about primer, Udie  has much info on the forms all about paints and primer and  Ken Martin too . Much info for you to read.
   And thanks to all for your comments

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