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Though I have not posted on here before I have made a few projects thanks to plans from the site.
I just thought I would let you know my 2 boys Christmas presents I had to make plus 1 extra as when my wife's friends heard what I was making she wanted one for her son as well.
It was a great project but took quite a while and I had only 3 months to make them as that was when my boys asked me to make them.
They love a computer game called Minecraft.
They would play 24/7 if we let them.
They wanted me to make them a copy of a wooden crafting table that is in the game.
It was a bit of a rush but I did finish then all.
Thanks Tim

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Hi happymonkey,

Great job on the crafting table. I think the boys would have been very happy with that.
Not bad for a rush job.


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Because of the real wood effect and the different directions the grain needed to go that I wanted I used oak veneers on the 5 sides, I was lucky and had a different wood veneer for the top of the boxs so it was close to the colour wanted as I didn't want to paint it.
Though I had relent to use an ebony stain on the black lines as I could not get any ebony veneer in time and would not have finished for Christmas.

I had to change the build a couple of times before I was happy with the results.

john lewman

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I am sure that it was a great hit! My son and grandson love the game and would also love having one of these to add to their Minecraft collection. Nice work and very attractive.
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