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   Back in 2013 John and Cynthia published an article on the Todddler's Toy Townhouse plan set I made.
Here's the link - Udie's Toddler Toy Townhouse for those of you who might be interested in seeing it.
   I made this project for the Nephew and it has lasted thru his phase one of crash and bang and is still crash and banging away today.
   This is a great robust plan set and I do recommend building it for children up to 5 years of age and older. It can take the punishment.
As he grew older, the family grew larger - they just got a dog.
A dog who loves wooden toys made from the plan sets from
The dog loves the toys so much that I had to share, with you, a recent photo of how she (the dog) plays with them.

6644 A.jpg 
So my first question was - is it the colours the dog was attracted to - or was it the smell/taste of honey from the bee's wax paste.
Beats me ... I'm just glad that she loves it and so glad I made 10 cars to give to the nephew.
Always a good idea to make spares.

Ken Martin

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Great story and photo Udie.
Made me laugh.
Thanks for sharing.

Kenneth W Martin

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My dog Ella loves to chew, I hope she grows out of it.

Jeremy Talbot
Little Al's Garage

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Thanks for sharing. Nice story and image.

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made me laugh.  my dog will grab a piece of wood out of the shop and run like crazy from me. 
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