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In one of these forums, Udie gave a tip about putting a metal nut in an Acrylic bottle to help mix the contents.
       I got curious about spray paint (12oz) cans so when my paint was depleted I decided to see what this "ball" looked like. So I took a big nail, placed a rag over the can and punched a hole near the bottom of the empty can. I could hear the extra pressured air releasing (that's the reason for the rag over the can) and waited till it was all depleted. Then I took a reamer to make the hole larger, and finally used a pair of tin snippers to make the hole big so I could get the ball out.

     I did this on two cans. An Elmer's spray adhesive can and a Rustoleum paint can. I got a 3/8" steel ball out of the Adhesive can. I was surprised to find a 1/2" Marble in the paint can. [eek]

So here's a tip: [idea]Get the steel balls out of the glue cans and the marbles out of the paint cans. Use these to put in your Acrylic paint bottles. I tried it and they work great.

Of course, an easier way is to go to your local toy store and buy a bunch of marbles. They are standard 1/2" diameter for the average size ones. I just happened to have some marbles laying around from way back when, and now they will be put to good use.

    CAUTION!!! After the hole is punched and the pressure is released, there may still be extra paint in the can. So have a container or rag handy to catch the extra dribbles.

Frank Galica
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