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Looking through various plans for something grandson Aaron (7) could make, we selected the Minivan from the Wood Toy Cars and Trucks ebook. With a little help and guidance, Aaron cut out all the pieces on my small bandsaw, did a bit of hand sanding and most of the painting (I helped out with some fiddly bits).
The windows are self-adhesive vinyl, cut and put on after painting.
Aaron also drilled the lights, using the drill press and made the wheels and trims, again using the drill press. We use a hole saw to cut the wheel, but not all the way through the wood. We then set the bandsaw for the thickness of the wheel and cut the six wheels out of the pre-drilled timber. The wheel trims were cut with a hole saw with the drill bit removed.
Wheels are then sanded by threading a bolt through each one and putting it in the drill press chuck, sanding with a sanding block as the wheel rotates. That's Aaron's favourite part!
I'd like to get him using more hand tools, but he's got a short attention span and tires easily, so that's a work in progress!

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Looks and sounds like a rewarding experience = well done
john lewman

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Your grandson has your natural talent for woodworking. This is quite an achievement for him. Congrats!
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