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So after I did the rocker and posted in another link here with the birds (which went to my 82 year old mom who is into crafting etc), I got the crazy idea to do one for my daughter who is into all things elephants.

I found a line drawing of an elephant on line and printed it out. Do you have any idea how hard it is to shrink and elephant down to bird size LOL

Anyway here is the final result. I'm pretty happy with it. My daughter was extreamly happy with it, and her kids are hinting at me making something for them along the lines of the rocker... I think I have unleashed a monster here...

Some of you craft sellers might want to look at this as a sales item. The pattern is free ( the bird rocker) from scroll saw magazine. I can provide a link if anyone is interested. The original pattern lends itself to all sorts of mods I think. My oldest daughter likes dolphins so I suspect I will be doing one with a dolphin soon LOL
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Very nice and great idea

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Sweet. I don't know if I have ever seen a rocker with a clock in it.

If you have a scanner you can scan line drawings or load your downloaded drawings into Inkscape an convert them into vector graphics that you can shrink or in large to any size you like.

It would be nice if John's plans came with vector versions of the patterns.

I started out using bit map graphics and made lots of patterns with them before I figured out how easy it was to to do with Inkscape. Now the first thing I do with a new project is get it into Inkscape.

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