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Here is another idea I came up with but it cost a few dollars to make but I think it is very effective.

Using round toothpicks and foam board. The toothpicks are inserted into the foam board wherever you wish. A piece of newspaper is placed on the top surface to protect your foam from excessive paint and can be removed when the job is completed to install a new piece. The toothpicks are poked right trough the newspaper into the foam.

A nice feature of this is that the whole thing can be lifted and turned around without the use of a turntable. Although a turntable is still an advantage.
The foam can be cut to smaller sizes if you wish.
Although I did not do this in the photos below, attaching a piece of stiff cardboard to the bottom of the foam will provide a barrier and a stop for the toothpicks from going past the bottom of the foam and also levels the tops of the toothpicks.

The foam was purchased at Michaels for around $7.  12 x 18 x 1inch thick. A box of 250 round toothpicks my wife bought at the grocery store.
The particular size of foam I picked fit nicely into my painting booth.
See photos below. 
DSC07762.JPG  Dsc07763.jpg  Dsc07761.jpg  Dsc07764.jpg  Dsc07760a.jpg  Dsc07759.jpg  Dsc07766.jpg  DSC07765.JPG                           

Frank Galica
john lewman

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Hi Frank,

This is the perfect setup for many of my projects. I would have never thought of this. I am really pleased with how it works and how clean the parts are after they are sprayed. Thanks for sharing the tip and thanks for the great photos and write-up.


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Hi Frank -
This is great!  I will definately use it.  Thanks for sharing.

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Brilliant idea - customizable for any component you wish to paint, I am going to give that a try.
phantom scroller

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Frank will it hold a brick. lol only kidding great idea. I could use this on my table drill fine holes randomly to stick the toothpicks into.
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