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D Barklow

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Wanted to share the results of the plans purchased.  Myrtle (I love the grain and color) provided by a relative on the Oregon Coast, Black walnut purchased locally.  Have built five rocking horses for grandchildren.  Included photos of the last two given as Christmas gifts December 2019.  The Black Walnut horse came from plans given to me by my Dad (93) from a 1983 magazine.  Had fun building all of them along with challenges along the way (planing, cutting, shaping mostly by hand, drilling, etc) with limited tools and experience. 

Doug Barklow
Emmy Rocking Horse 1.jpg  Emmy Rocking Horse 2.jpg  Grey Horse 1.jpg  Grey Horse 2.jpg   


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Your work is outstanding and thanks for posting.I grew up in the hills outside Cottage Grove, Oregon and loved making bowls from myrtle wood burls.
D Barklow

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Thank you for the compliment.  There are some personal errors that I can see but i suppose they add some character.  Dad grew up his early years in Myrtle Point and there are still a few relatives there and around Coos Bay. Thus some of my emotional attachment to myrtle wood used in any project.

john lewman

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Coos Bay was great for clam digging in the 1940's ans 50's. My family had many clambakes there over the years. 

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Both are quite beautiful. I particularly like the myrtle. Well done! I'm sure you have some very happy grandchildren.
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