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Thanks ken, Bucko,Douglas, Joepeto, Tackett86

Ken -Wish I lived closer to you I would be in your work shop all the time be hard to keep me away and hope you do make the rocking horse and Douglas too. Not hard to make I think it take me about 3 days to make.  But I looked at that rocking horse so many times before I made it I not even look at the pdf plans made it from the photo and when I did look it was ¼ “ out.

Tackett86 – Sorry my wife put in bin but I think it was Teak and dark Oak I mixedtogether. I not like the Antiquestain you can buy it looks yellow when it dry’s.

Joepeto – Do not have a work shop I work in my small backyard and the only tools I have is very cheap Scroll saw, Hand drill & Jigsaw. And work of the floor & sit on an old paint bucket and just as they say on All you need is a scroll saw and hand drill. That is all the tools I have. My wish list - lathe, band saw,press drill

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 I appreciate you getting back, I guess ill have to give it a shot and see what it comes out like on some scrap. what did you end up using as the top coat finish? polyurethane or like a paste wax? thanks again and I swear this will be my last questions
osni chioveto

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Oi Lloyd

Seus trabalhos são fantásticos,fiquei feliz em saber que alguns brinquedos você doa para as crianças que não tem com o que brincar.
Parabéns pela atitude meu amigo.

Hi Lloyd
His works are fantastic, I was happy to know that some toys you give to children who do not have with that play.
Congratulations attitude my friend.

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Very nice indeed.  I like the mix color and natural, it really pops.
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