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I scout this out pretty hard every year. The majority (90%) of my clamp collection was purchased as bargains at Christmas. Black Friday sales of after Christmas sales. This year for the first time I came up dry. Not only did I not see any bargins offered but the pickings were slim. Even some things that have been on sale at Christmas for long enough that I have come to think of them as being traditional were not there.

For a Christmas gifts my wife bought me a Drill Doctor DD750X Drill Bit Sharpener. It was kind of strange because a few weeks before Christmas decided that some of my bits needed to be sharpened or replaced and thought to myself that it might be time to pull the trigger on one of these.  I use 3camels to monitor items on Amazon that I want to buy. About the same time they started doing deep discounts on the Drill Doctor. Big ones. The alerts from 3camels started rolling in. Unfortunately I was never quick enough to get one. My wife didn't either but she got me something I wanted and could use for Christmas.

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Well did not score any tools (yet) but my daughters gave me gift certificates to WOOD CRAFT store, so I might find something LOL

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