I spent a couple of hours today trying to find an online source for poplar the was less expensive than Home Depot. I could not do an exact comparison because Home Depot sells S4S select lumber in standard dimensions and the online lumber dealers have random lengths and widths. I calculated the board foot cost of 20 BF of 1x6 and compared the to all the 20 BF project packs I could find. Lumber in the project packs had to be at least surfaced two sides. I factored in all costs including taxes, shipping, and any discounts. 

What I found was a bit surprising. Not only were most of them more expensive that Home Depot but only one was lower cost per BF.

When you include the fact that I can go to Home Depot and:
  • pick out the board I want
  • buy as little a 1 linear foot
  • get it in standard deminsions
  • 1/4 to 3/4 inch thickness
it doesn't look so bad.

I don't have a local hardwood supplier outside of the big box stores. But I do have a name of a nearby sawmill that is supposed to sell kiln dried lumber. Unfortunately their website doesn't really give you an idea of what they have and I don't yet know if they will even sell small amounts. The nearby mills I have found only sell by the truck load.

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Here in the UK the DIY store tend to be much dearer than Timber yards. My local supplier is 5 minute drive for me and sell as little as 1m which is approx 39" and in different sizes quite often these are cheaper than normal as they have got to know me. OK they are all rough sawn but I prefer it that way as I can the dimension as I want and get the most out of a piece of wood.
The half track panels were all cut from a piece that was 2" thick re-sawn on the bandsaw and the put through my planers.
The machines may have been expensive to start with but the saving I get bt buying rough sawn has made them pay.
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Lumber yards here only sell construction lumber. The big box stores only have poplar and oak. 

My local "Lowes" is my port of call for pretty much all my wood. They have poplar, red wood (oak?) pine some really cheap white pine? it is so cheap and nasty looking that it's not worth having.

I do on occasion hit my local wood craft store but they are pretty expensive for me since i don't sell anything for the most part.

I hit up my local craft shop "Michael's" (20% to 50% coupons are my friend) I get BB plywood in 12" x 24" in 1/4" to 3/8" at a pretty good price with the coupons...

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I buy 7 foot x 3/4 thick x 7" wide shelves with brackets from a Baileys store in Ross £7 and 5 foot for £5 from B&M store and the amount of things I can make from those including the wooden brackets I get me money back five fold and no work to do on them. [biggrin] Happy days.