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Colin Marshall_Toymaker

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This toy could help occupy a lot of time during the current crisis. I made 8 astronauts instead of 7 as in the plan. It could be made into a game. Whoever comes up with the most  acrobatic poses in a certain time, or whatever rules you care to invent. Also, I made a box to store them in which doubles as the stacking platform. All made from scrap off cuts. Astronaut Acrobats1.jpg  Astronaut Acrobats2.jpg  Astronaut Acrobats3.jpg  Astronaut Acrobats4.jpg  Astronaut Acrobats5.jpg 


Colin Marshall - Toymaker
Grandpa Bear

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Nice job Colin, like the colors.

No such thing as scrap wood, you can always make something, keep safe Nick
john lewman

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A Blast from the Past. These were designed years ago and are still popular. You have created a pro level toy set with these. Thanks for posting!
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