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When building a vehicle make sure you have enough of the SAME dowel to do the axels.NOT the same size but the SAME dowel. I figured this out the hard way after gluing wheels in and finding out that the finish is HUGELY different.Toy is still cool to a child but the "Adults" will point it out...
Black Wolf
Ken Martin

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Thanks Blackwolf
I learned the same lesson the same way you did.
Also, i found for my own use anyway, the dowels need to be sanded before using as axles.

They fit better, and work much better when they are smooth.
I always sand the whole dowel before i cut them into axles because it is much easier to hold the longer dowel when sanding rather than the smaller cut parts.

Note:  must be careful when sanding not to flatten one area.

Kenneth W Martin

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Okay, question. Clarify. So, if I am using MDF, Plywood, or whatever, Lowes only carries (at least the one in my area) has Poplar wood dowels. So, what then? Or maybe I don't understand what you are saying..


Michael Lusk
Springfield, Tn. 
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They are saying to make all your axles from the same dowel. They will be the same size and look the same when finished. 
Advanced techniques are the basics perfectly applied.

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