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I hope this has not been asked previously.

Does everyone drill the axle holes first and then spray paint?

What do people use to stop paint getting in the holes so that axle pegs can be glued in later? I don't want the axle pegs painted the same colour, although I guess if I sacrificed 4 pegs for this purpose I could just keep painting over them.

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I drill first.

When using axle pegs I ream the holes with a drill after I'm finished painting. Sometimes the paint will get get chipped around the holes but since they are behind the wheels where you can't see it's not a big deal. I insert dowels into the axle holes to provide a handle to use while painting. If I drilled after painting I would need to develop a new painting technique.

For regular axles that go al the way through it doesn't matter much since the hole are a good bit larger than the axle.

Advanced techniques are the basics perfectly applied.
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When I have applied the finish the same as Badbob but instead of just cleaning the hole with a drill I first take a small piece of fine sand paper and run it around the edge of the hole then clean the hole it leaves a clean transition from finish to hole and no chips.
This can be as simple as rolling a piece of sand paper to fit the hole and pulling it to the side to get the edge of smaller holes.
I hope that makes sense

I have so much fun playing with wood.
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