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Very nice shop. Love the photos! I see you have wheels on almost all the equipment. I also have a small work area. I live in an apartment. We have 2 garages. My wife uses one for her car, and I have the other one for my shop. They are 1.5 car garages. Great thing is that they are directly across the hallway from our apartment. Very convenient.

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       Nice shop. how do the neighbors feel about the noise, I am always mindful of that, trying to limit the noisy stuff,Routers and Planers etc to no more than 2 hrs or so a day. I put all the bigger Machines on wheels, the boxes underneath are very handy I also made a point of adding doors to everything I can in order to reduce the cleaning up. the picks I posted are old now, I will have to take some new ones. The casters are hard and have damaged the screed on the floor so I am considering 3/4" Ply covering. It may keep things a bit warmer in the winter. I can't afford heating as I do not charge. Keep in touch, I love to hear from fellow woodnuts, it seems to be a dying art in this IT world.

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Very nice work.  Keep it up.

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