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My daughter is a kindergarten teacher here in Ohio. She always wanted a pencil with her name on it....
Made from 6 2x3 8 foot boards cut at 60 degrees glued together. The pont is 20 inches long and made with 9 1x2's glued together. Then i formed the point on a table saw with a hand cranked wood mill.

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Nothing is as it seems!

Daniel L Abbink

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Hi Garymac That is a really cool pencil but I would hate to meet your daughter LOL[smile] I'll bet she is proud of it. good work.
Daniel Abbink

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That's an amazing pencil!!!  Good job!


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Wow what an interesting accomplishment, reminds me of a topic that might be seen as a public interest in a local newspaper.

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Nice pencil, I thought my little turned Pens where pretty good, but I must say your pencil takes the prize..
I bet her eyes got big as saucers LOL

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