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Last November, I visited a craft/tools fair in West of Scotland in a place called Dunkeld. There I met a very nice chap by the name of Ron Dickens. He was bird carver, and I was very impressed by him. I asked him, if he would be interested in teaching me carving. He agreed for a small fee.
So I started bird carving in May 2017.  I go to him every Thursday. He lives 71 miles from my house.

My first carving is the kingfisher, carved out of Julatong wood. The base is Miranti,

My next two carvings are the male and female Flycatchers to full scale. I carved the birds out of Julatong, the tree was carved out of Lime wood, the whole thing is set in a burr, which I do not know what it is. I just bought it. And finally the plinth is Miranti. I didn't have any other wood at that time. I think walnut would have been my choice.
I was anxious to complete and enter in UK competition in the novice section as a starter.
I entered it this month, unfortunately did not win anything, so will be carving more for next year.  Here is my effort as a novice carver. Be happy to take any comments from more experienced persons. 

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I think your work is prize worthy.  Very nice!!!!

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Well those are very nice. I'm a very novice carver and when I carve a block of wood it still looks like a block of wood [frown]
Don't know what you where up against in the contest but you should have won something for sure ...

Well done !

Ed - Making sawdust in the shop [wave]
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That's a WOW! from me.[thumb][thumb]
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