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I built this from the Antique 1890 rocking horse plan, although I have changed a couple of things.

The timber was reclaimed from a couple of old bar tables so I decided to make all of the sections from the same thickness timber. The legs were screwed on for extra strength so some nice 'patches' were made to cover the holes from thin oak reclaimed from the back panel of an old dresser. The same oak was used for the saddle (another slight change here with a flat saddle being glued to the top of the horse's back) and other highlights. Wooden rings were cut to embellish the foot and hand rails and the horse was given his name. I had already chosen his name before realising I could use a horseshoe for the U in the middle - lucky!
I cant believe how much sanding this guy took - even with a spindle sander he wasn't easy! He is finished with Danish oil and off to Norwich in Norfolk, UK to join his new family soon.

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Very nice work there


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"Bruce" is indeed a lucky horse, to have been crafted with such careful attention to detail.
All that sanding paid off with a brilliant finish.
Must have been hard to give him away.

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Thanks guys, I'm really pleased with this project and it is going to be hard to give him away but I'm a bit too big to keep him! He's going to my niece's children so I still get to visit him.
john lewman

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This is a really pretty addition to the design of the rocking horse. Your workmanship is super clean and precision. Thanks for the inspirational post!

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Thanks John, that's really kind of you!
I have completed a number of your plans now and always find them to be well thought out and designed. I do like to change things around a bit though depending on the timber I have available and often use them as a basis for something slightly different. I am now working on an 'Ezee Ark' but mine has three thick layers which gives quite a substantial chunky toy. I will post a photo when its done - just need to cut the animals!
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