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PaPa Jack

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John, did not really want to use forum - will show how non-professional I am with toymaking but here goes.  My problem I am having is making a car carrier (1) the top deck of the carrier will retract down and lay flat on ground.  (2) when cars are on carrier and kids are playing with it and rolling it, the cars do not fall off.  (3) when un-loading the cars will roll freely down the ramps.
My efforts on the pattern style of having the wheel slots was trying to make the cars so exact that the wheels fit in the carrier decks wheel slots.  Plus they will not roll off freely.  The total slot wheel tract that I made works but I created another problem by not being able to stablize the cars ON the carrier when playing with it.  The rolled off !  Finally put a wheel peg in the end of the deck to hold them on when playing with carrier loaded.  Child will have to pull ut pegs to let the cars roll off decks freely.  The creates a problem of them getting lost. IMG_4602.jpg  IMG_4603.jpg  IMG_4604.jpg  IMG_4605.jpg

john lewman

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This design project shows me that you are truly a Pro toymaker. There are some solutions here that I have been struggling with for years and that you have solved. Can I use your ideas in my next car carrier wood toy plan? I think I can make your design work smoothly and I have an idea for the pin stop that will prevent loss. Thanks for sharing.

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That's a great toy. I'm sure John will have solutions for you, but how about just creating some indents for the car wheels to sit in, they would still come off easily, with a little push, but wouldn't roll off while being played with on the carrier.
Rod T

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Fine looking car carrier.

Tom's slot idea is a good one.

You could also use the pegs in a permanent way. Drill and attach them in the middle of the track in a position that lines up with the middle of the cars. Then drill a hole in the bottom of the cars so that they sit on these pegs. The pegs could be glued into position permanently. Would make it a bit bumpy driving the cars over them, but could solve the sliding off problem.
Perhaps the slot idea is better.
It would be bumpy either way, but I don't think kids really worry about this so much.

Rod T

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Çok Güzel
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