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Rod T

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Hi Everyone

And yet another one made over my xmas break.

Quite a mixture of timbers in this one as I used a lot of different scraps that I had in the different thicknesses required for this one. 
There is Pine, Poplar, Walnut, New Guinea Rosewood, Tassie Blackwood, Spotted Gum and Cyprus. Add the Birch Wheels and axles, Tassie oak dowels, the Bamboo skewers that I used to secure the dowels and wheel axles, this makes 10 species in the one toy.

IMG_1488.JPG  IMG_1489.JPG  IMG_1490.JPG  IMG_1491.JPG  IMG_1492.JPG  IMG_1493.JPG  IMG_1494.JPG 

Rod T

john lewman

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This is a beautiful wood toy dirt loader. The strengthening pins in the back of the bucket are a great idea.

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Another great build.

I bought some skewers for pinning things and discovered they are quite handy to have around. Good for spreading glue around in a hole.  Or digging hardened glue out of the spout of my glue bottle.  They also work pretty good for getting excess glue out of a corner. Tey only cost a dollar for a bag.

Advanced techniques are the basics perfectly applied.
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Fantastic!  I watched your pining method in the toy-making basics videos that you did and I've never thought of doing that.  It adds character to the build for sure and no doubt strengthens it too.
Rod T

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Thanks Guys

I tend to use the skewers all the time now. In the past I was using a 4mm dowel, which works fine, but a bit big and getting harder to source.

The skewers are only about 2-3mm in diam. (They vary) I use a 2.5mm drill bit, put a bit of glue in the hole and then bang them in with a hammer. 

They are quick and easy to do as long as you use a flush cut saw to cut them flush. 

As Bob said, they are only about $1 a bag and have many other uses, particularly with glue. 

Rod T

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