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Anyone has a suggestion for the best looking chrome finish? I’m using metallic chrome paint grime the craft store. But it’s not a shiny as I would like it.

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Actually, there is a good way (also simple and cheap) to get a true chrome look finish. I have been using foil on my plastic models for many years. I have recently put some foil on a toymakingplans car and am going to post it in the painting category in this forum. There is a product called Bare Metal Foil that can be bought at most hobby stores that specialize in models like Hobbytown USA, Micro-Mark, I'm not seeing it on Michael's, Hobby Lobby and A.C. Moore websites. I happen to have a Hobbytown store near me so that is where I would buy it or online from Micro-Mark. It can seem to be pretty expensive at first. It costs about $9.00 per sheet (6" X 11") but it goes a long way and you don't usually use much at a time. It is self adhesive, very thin and takes patience to work with it. Another item I have learned to use is regular aluminum foil. This should be the cheapest, thinnest foil you can find because as you put it on the object, it will wrinkle and you won't be able to straighten it out. Remember, thinner is better. Anyway, after rough cutting the aluminum foil to size, apply a thin coat of spray adhesive to the dull side (back). Let the adhesive get "tacky" then apply to the toy. Also there are numerous videos online on how to apply it. Check out the exhaust pipes on the orange one I just put on the painting category and the "hubcaps" also.  Hope this helped. If you have anymore questions about it or want to see more of my models with foil, let me know.

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Flamepainter this would make for another great tutorial
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