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Thanks everyone for the positive comments to my first project! This week we had numerous thunderstorms in Louisiana which allowed me to "tinker around" in the garage on my second project, the Macho motorcycle. My goal is to complete the motorcycle this week. I've learned a lot from building the car and motorcycle that is carrying over with each new project. 
Robert Leger
Rod T

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Hey, great first go. Love the colours.
I'm going to put this on my to do list.... list just keeps getting longer all the time.

Took me a while to get the hang of the scroll saw, I bought it second hand on a bit of an impulse buy a few years ago. I sat in the shed begging for attention, so eventually had a go. Lots of fun.
Not sure what blades you are using, but if you haven't tried them, try PGT blades (Precision Ground Teeth)
I found them easier to use and give a clean finish.
Rod T
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