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Since I got caned when I posted pics of my "clean" workshop - I thought I'd show you some about 25% through the cleanup!!

Out of the pictures are a couple of drill presses, a milling machine, a 12" disc sander, the suspended room air filter, the vertical spindle sander and the small (6") engineering band-saw.
The chips are collected via a 4" piped system with gate valves, The dust is collected with an external "central vacuum system" that has its own dedicated pipework - 50mm (2")

Work was frenetic in 2016 and I should have cleaned up more often but when I'm using the lathe with collets while the CNC is humming ... the mind is fully occupied!!

Still much to do!!

CNC sitting on top of Metal lathe.jpg 
As you would imagine the big lathe isn't used much now - the CNC sits atop it with a platform to enable me to have a bird's eye view!

Mini-lathe and midi wood llathe.jpg 
The mini metal lathe is fully equipped with 3 and 4 jaw chucks and a set of collets  and VS drive .... the VS wood lathe at the rear is mainly used for small clock parts and model bits and pieces.

6 inch planer_13 inch thicknesser_Ret 10-20 Sander.jpg 
A 150mm (6") planer for the odd things - the Jet 10-20 sander and 305mm (12") thicknesser are piped to the cyclone system which is also piped under the floor to the rest of the shop. Just out of view on the shelf above are a Harbor Freight modeling table saw and a bench-top router.

14 in Bandsaw_Polishing Lathe_looking toward lathes.jpg 
The 14" bandsaw is used for re-sawing as well as general work - the Foredom bench lathe is usually fitted with a Radial Bristle disk for removing the odd persistent edge mark or 'fluff'.
The Proxxon Power Unit is used for pencil sanding - drilling and screwing. The trusty 21" Excalibur sits in pride of place on the bench.

Additionally, there is an "Mobile Island" I generally use for assembly and heaps of small tool storage - the larger machines are on mobile bases.

A refrigerator (to keep the glue and other items cold!!) and air conditioning make me wonder why the heck I don't spend more time out here!! Maybe next year when I'm 74 and slowing down in my day job!!

A large contractor table-saw and drop-saw are stored separately. I pay rent to my wife so I can store them in our garden shed!!

If any one is interested I can post some more when the tidy-up is complete!! It is certainly a tight 16' x 6' work-space. Bulk timber is stored in an external weatherproof shed.


john lewman

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Thanks for posting the great photos. I personally would love to see a series of detailed photos of all of your shop. It looks like the ideal creative woodworking shop to me. I love i it. I spend so much time designing and creating the toy plans manuscripts for publishing that I have very little to no time to just go out and work in the shop.

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Some very nice equipment shown here and I'm seeing a shop that can produce some nice items. Seeing the Foredom has my interest as I've been interested in such an item but to tell the truth of it the accessories seem quite overpriced but at times for quality the price has to be paid.

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The Foredom is great! I agree its a bit pricey - here in Oz probably more so! But built so well - the flex shaft and accessories do the job really well. The 3M sanding Radial Bristle Brushes are a treat to remove the "fluffies" - particularly on fine inside work - they are so flexible they just conform to anything.

To shortcut - I guess they could work on any system (maybe even a drill press? - however they do seem to like the speed.


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Hi Tony

Thanks for sharing your shop I wish I had that much space to use, the CNC looks great shame you dont use the big lathe anymore.

Kind Regards

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Nope, sorry Tony. Still looks too tidy and well organised to me, matey [biggrin]
phantom scroller

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Wish mine looked that organised. Roly

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so nice workshop
Mike Holden

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looks like you have it going on. was looking into a small cnc ..can you tell me some specs? easy to use? a lot of programming just to cut? goods, bads? thanks 
We make one of a kind wood models and a lot of kids toys.. I started building a few things off this site lately when I have some free time to widen the variety for my customers.
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