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Well said Wombat , I thought the toy making purist's had got at the ToyMaking Plans crew. John has been very quiet about CNCing etc lately.

john lewman

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Hi to all you very dedicated Forum Members. I admit that I have been silent for the last few weeks and here is the reason. First of all, I am still excited about CNC but had to put that and making new toy plans on the back burner for awhile. has grown to the point that Cynthia and I cannot manage it any longer by ourselves. We have over 30,000 customers on our email list in 109 countries. And that fact has required a 24/7 schedule for both of us for the last couple of years. We found the solution...duh...get some help from others! And on top of that we are in the process of moving to our new office location-which is very cool!

First of all, a few months ago Cynthia started re-building the website and forum so both can serve you much better. She put her genius to work on the first website and it has served us very well with bullet-proof performance-and she built it and has maintained it by herself for 10 years now. It has thousands of pages and a whole bunch of mind-bending technology behind it that I do not have a clue about. She does it all. Her new website should be launching in the next few weeks and YOU WILL LOVE IT! It is her baby and she got smart and hired a world-class team of programmers to put it all together as a state-of-the-art website retail store.

My son and heir-apparent is our new Chief-of-Staff. John T is a skilled people manager and is as passionate as Cynthia and I about wood toys and toymaking. He will be keeping us all herded in the same direction.

We have also teamed up with Clint Metcalf. He is an experienced, award-winning Magazine Editor who is now Director in charge of our new Wood Toy Weekly magazine and also in charge of the Forum. The forum name will be changing to "The Wood Toy Guild" and will truly become a Guild with all present Forum Members automatically members of the Wood Toy Guild. The Wood Toy Weekly magazine is the official publication of the Guild.

Ken Smith, a dedicated and skilled Social Media junkie, is Social Media Director and will be managing our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and related YouTube channels. This guy is amazing and knows how to use Social Media in a way that will boggle your mind. Just wait and see. You will love this guy.

Nico Ricola is Director of our new Wood Toy Wizards.TV broadcasting channel. This guy is a prize catch. He was born in Sicily, educated in Rome, has been and is an experienced film maker, photographer and director who loves wood toys and telling the world about it. You will soon be seeing a lot fun and exciting things happening here, too. 

So stay tuned - there are a lot of fun and exciting things on the way from this wild and crazy team!


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Cynthia, John, this sound so interesting. I keep checking the page daily as I canĀ“t wait to see the changes. 
phantom scroller

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Looking forward to this new site even though I'm a scroller my CNC is doing well for me I love it very additive. So don't leave the CNC'ERS out in the cold. [thumb][comp]

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Originally Posted by cynthia lewman
Thank you for everyone's valuable feedback regarding the Forum and specifically the CNC Category that we've currently disabled. We take your feedback seriously and are committed to providing a fun and informative community Forum.

We haven't sent out an official announcement yet but in the coming weeks John and I will be launching a new website that we're very excited about. It'll include the capability for customers to create accounts that will archive their purchases and download links. We're also going to launch a new digital magazine called, "Wood Toy Weekly" that we think you'll enjoy. In the coming months we'll be introducing lots of new features to

The Forum will also get a new updated look as we work towards providing our customers with focused information on how to build toys using PDF toy plans. As we go through this transition there may be updates to features you're familiar with and also new additions based on customer feedback. Thank you for being loyal customers. John and I are committed to bringing you the best toymaking information and plan sets that will be focused on you, our customers.


Thanks for this info Cynthia & John I'm sure all of us are looking forward to your new site & 'Wood Toy Weekly'
Peter V

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Dear John, Cynthia and the rest of the team,

sounds very exciting ..... can hardly wait.


Peter V
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