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I know it's not as fun as buying a new power tool, but printers are a big part of our toymaking also.

I'm looking for a laser printer/scanner/copier and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions. I am tired of paying so much for printer ink and feel like laser may be the way to go. We need one to do accurate prints/copies for toy making, as well as supporting my kids in their homeschooling activities.

I really don't want to spend a ton (was really hoping for under $200) but want a good product. I'd really appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!

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Hi Sarge,

I have a ink and toner shop here in Australia, Laser are the
way to go if you do not  do a lot of colour printing. Brother have
a couple of good ones under a $100 in Aust  so they be cheaper  
over there. I have printed over 10,000 pages off mine.
Hope that give you a idea,I am sure you will get a lot more help on here.


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I Have a HP All in one Laser printer. We use it for everything from black and white coloring pages for the grand kids to my toy making patterns. It was less then 300$ on sale. We get about 3000 pages per cartridge seems like.

I'm not a big fan of the brother line as they seem to be cheaper made,  some friends of ours went through 2 of them in a year. But then again at 100$ if you get the extra warranty then maybe not so bad.
Just my 2c worth.
Big thing is shop around and look at the sales ad's you will find and good one on sale for sure

The laser cartridge for ours cost 79$ but we watch the ad's and can get up to 25$ off so not to bad.
Good luck on what ever you buy. They are worth having at least for us.
Our ink jet printer was eating us out of house and home LOL

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This is a great discussion. I haven't found the right printer and I appreciate the suggestions.

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In order of my preference....


All three companies make quality personal Laserjet printers. With the holidays coming up, you will be looking at $299-$400 range. Personally, I am not a fan of "all in one" units... - but if you must, then I would definitely look at HP... we use a few of them around the office (the all in one units). Have had no issue with them. 

If you find a model you like or are interested in... then definitely shop for refurbished units first.

Good Luck

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My preference is HP - very good luck over the years.  One thing that I love on my all-in-one, it can scan and copy - the copy feature is priceless to me on the enlarging and reduction feature.  you can see on most of my posts that I have made most the plans at a different size.  This may be a feature that you would want to make sure you get.   Keep in mind most home based models are ink based not toner based - different testing would need to be done on finishes and such if you are looking to compare to a large office model.

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We bought a wireless Samsung all in one printer for around AUD$300 that will also print from an iPad or iPhone.  It allows printing, fax, photocopying and scanning although the fax is useless if you have cable internet. Had one problem with it when paper wrapped around the copier wheel inside the machine and burnt onto it.  Samsung repaired it and no problems since.  If you are printing decals remember to set the paper size to the correct thickness to avoid jams. 

The biggest problem with all new printers is that the cartridges come only half full so the first ones don't last a long time.  I have replaced them with after market toners that still cost $240 for a set of 4.  Sometimes you have to wonder whether its just as cheap to throw the printer away and buy a new one at the same cost as the toners.  However, the new (and full) toners have lasted well this time.

I would imagine that printers in the USA would be much cheaper than in Australia as we seem to get ripped off here constantly - Petrol is currently at AUD$4-98 a US gallon (USD$3.55).

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I bought a Brother 9340 for making jigsaw puzzles for kids and I regret it. For black and white work it is OK but the colour is terrible. I now go to the local print shop to get my colour work done.
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 I think printers are a bit hit and miss. I've gone through so many makes and models. I have never bought a laser just use the one at work. lol Lasers are more expensive to replace inks I know that,so do lots of checks before buying use YouTube etc to get references on use etc. 

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I have a HP laser black only which I use to print my patterns and seems a lot cheaper per copy than the ink jet which we use for anything with colour.


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I was in desktop computer support for years. I've owned about ten printers including an HP IIID and a Lexmark Optra R. I've seen, installed and repaired just about every brand of printer there is. The most reliable ink jet ever saw was a little Cannon made for travel. I folded up small enough to carry in one hand and came with a carrying case. I could leave it on a shelf for months and it would still work. All the other ink jets clog if you don't use them. Expensive or cheap doesn't matter.

What do I own?

An old Epson Stylus Photo R280 I bought because I needed to print maps in color. It has survived two house floods and several lighting strikes that took out electronics all around it. As long as I print something on it every week or so I don't have a problem.

A Brother HL3170CDW color laser printer. This one is a replacement for a black & white Brother. The lightning strikes finally got it taking out one interface at a time until nothing worked. We had it maybe ten years. I was a bit hesitant about buying a color laser printer but once I saw how much the cartridges were I went for it. About $150 on Amazon. So far it works great. 1200 dpi color, wired Ethernet, wireless networking, internet printing, usb, PCL emulation and postscript emulation workrks great so far.

What do they have in common? Linux support. I don't buy hardware that doesn't have Linux support. It tells me a lot about the company.

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