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I would like to try heat treating in our existing toaster oven before making the commitment to buying one just for this purpose. Will the odor in the oven stick around for very long if I do it outside and let it air out afterward?

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Paul (pdaunno) - I have experienced a odor but not a lingering odor issue, and in the same breath I have not heat treated wood on a regular basics as some of our members have demonstrated. Not to say that there may not be an issue. From many of the Forum posts in various topics we hear about reactions from different woods, quality of woods used, pitch pockets, etc. and there is the issue of the wood catching on fire. Yes there may be an odor but how long does it stay I really can not say. All you can do my friend is give it a try with the understanding that you may just have to replace it.
These countertop toaster ovens can be found at low cost and even lower when purchasing a second hand one specifically for that purpose.
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