I bought 4 S4S 1x6x72 poplar boards and small pile of shorter pieces of pine 1x12 and 1x8. Paid $20. Buy my calculation it's some where around $120 if purchased at Home Depot.

Here is the tip: Get yourself a free Craigslist account and set up a search. It will send you an email when it gets a hit. You'll need to teach yourself how to write a query to get rid of the junk. I've tweaked mine so I don't get junk. I get ads once in awhile from lumber sellers that are to far away but those are rare.  

Advanced techniques are the basics perfectly applied.
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Daniel L Abbink
That was a good find Bob I check craigslist  every day I pick a lot of old furniture for free. I cut it up and add to my wood pile. I picked up a small dresser last week about 3miles from home. YOUcan't get any cheaper then free .
Daniel Abbink