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Hi All,
I thought you might be interested in how we create our little people's features.
P1010009.jpg  Above Face on
 We use either water-based Acrylic paint or a permanent marker pen we use brown as we think it contrasts with the wood but you can use any hair colour for different people i.e. red, yellow, black, white etc.
P1010010.jpg  Above Top view in the same order
When using paint we apply the colour for the hair with a number 2 synthetic brush (we don't use sable brushes as we find synthetic ones hold the paint better and lay it down more evenly) the paint is thinned slightly with water. two coats are usually enough. the features are done with either a number 1 or 0 synthetic brush we use the opposite end of the brush for eye dots when dry a coat of clear lacquer (toy safe) is applied
When using permanent pens we first seal the wood with a thin coat of lacquer this stops any bleeding of the ink always test your pen on a piece of scrap the same species you are using finish as above
Below are some examples of features and hair styles features the one.jpg


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Very useful tutorial John.
Thanks for doing it [thumb]


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John and Sylvia
I can not thank you enough for sharing with the community your little people makeover.
The definition of tools required and instructions with illustrations are perfect.
I will be out early tomorrow going to the art supply store for a #2, 1 and 0 synthetic brush.
Thanks again for sharing and posting.


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I am in love with the guy with the partial comb over.[tongue]
Black Wolf
phantom scroller

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There great, made me smile. Thanks for sharing.
cynthia lewman

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Hi johnkc,

Your Little People just warm my heart! I wanted to mention to those looking to use johnkc's technique and face patterns, you can click on the facial sketches image in his post and the photo will enlarge. That way you won't miss a single detail.

I think all these personalities need names. Their expressions are so fun! 
Lloyd in Texas

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Great tips. As I have always avoided the small people, this tip would entice me to give it a try. This is why I love coming back to check out this forum. You guys are great. Thanks for all the tips I see here.

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Hi Johnkc,
Simply amazing! I like to make little people but I always had difficulty to create their expressions. Problem solved. Thanks for sharing, beautiful job.
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