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Crepe Block (Abrasive Cleaner)
The May 23, 2014 issue of the Wood Toy News (WTN) has certainly stimulated some tool talk.
So has the feedback to the Wood Toy News announcement.
In the article and video I discuss and demonstrate the use of a Crepe Block, also known as a Belt, Disc, Drum and Pad Cleaner or even more simply stated an Abrasive Cleaner.

As you apply the Crepe to the sanding drum, it heats up making the contact point sticky which is what grabs the debris from between the abrasive surface cleaning it.

Using a Crepe Block on you sanding drums, discs, belts and pads increases the life of the abrasive surfaces considerably.

It comes in many forms and sizes as seen in the photos below.

Crepe 1.jpg   Crepe 2.jpg 
Crepe 3.jpg 
Crepe 4.jpg   Crepe 5.jpg 

If you’re favorite tool store does not understand what you are talking about and looking for.
Print out the above photos to show them.

Cannot find any crepe … here are a couple alternatives.

Crepe Shoe.jpg 

Yes - You all looking at an open toed shoe or flip-flop.
The sole of this flip-flop is Crepe. It is quite commonly used in manufacturing child size flip-flops.
Dollar stores and discount stores would be your best source for these low cost Crepe block alternative.
Word of caution – make absolutely sure the sole is Crepe and not plastic. Plastic will destroy you sanding abrasive.

Another alternative is …

Rubber Hammer.jpg 
Yes, a white rubber hammer. I have used a black rubber hammer in desperation in the past but today Cynthia brought to our attention that the white rubber hammer is much better. No smell emitted when used.
So I went into the workshop and loaded up a sanding drum with debris and gave my old white rubber hammer a try … Worked like a charm.
Thank you Cynthia for the wonderful tip.
One really good feature is that this rubber hammer is quite common and available locally in most of your hardware stores. It is low cost, $7.99 CDN and always in stock.

OK, Forum members it’s in your hands now … who knows of other alternatives to Crepe that work?

Happy Toymaking


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Hi all - for uk toymakers i have been useing a belt cleaner from SCREWFIX part number 16277 about £6.00 i have had it for at least 4 years and theres still loads of life left in it i have also seen them in HOMEBASE and WICKES they seem to stock them more in there bigger stores but have seen them in the smaller stores as well.gary

Gary Wisbey

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I just received my Lee Valley Catalog and they are in there also.  I think they are like 6.95 us for the small one and 10.95 for the big one.  - Don
john lewman

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Hi Udie,
You are the master at presenting useful information and this type of post is what the community wants to see. Very well done.

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I recently purchased a crepe block from Lee after reading Udie's article and I love it . It will also clean the small sanding drums on rotary tools. Take some caution that you don't let it hit the tightening screw on the holder as it will grab and loosen the disk while it's spinning. Also you can use it to clean the round flat disks.
Frank Galica
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