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Crew trucked finished!   I used oak, ash and pine to make this little guy.  Love these mini guys.  Thanks so much for free patterns.

John,  I may have found an error on the mini constructors 5 and 6. ( Just a beginner, so could be wrong). On all four, the axle hole is 1/4 and so is the dowel, therefore the wheels won't turn.  I think that maybe the axle hole should be 5/16 like on the others?   Thought I would check it out with you. No problem though,  I just used axle pins to attach the wheels like other minis and it worked just fine.  Great little truck and trailer. 

Little story:  I took this to a craft show recently and a little boy stuck an animal in the trailer, and we couldn't get it out!  So mystery animal for anyone who get it!!


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john lewman

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Hi Rose, These look really great. Yes, there is a mistake in the plan set and the axle hole should be 5/16". Thanks for the heads-up!

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Rose ,

You got a good looking truck and trailer build there.

Thanks for sharing....

Ed - Making sawdust in the shop [wave]

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Very nice.  Like you said, these are really a fun set of toys. 
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