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First let me say hi to everyone! I tempting to make my first toy truck. I love All the stuff I've on this forum! I want to make it all [smile]. My question is how do you cut 30 pieces of 1/4 inch dowels all the same size in a fast manner. I don't want measure out every piece. Thanks for your help

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If you are cutting using a scroll saw or band saw measure from the blade the length you require and put a strip of masking tape on the bed and just move the dowel up to the tape for quick and even lengths
 30 should take no time at all

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Bundle 10 to 15 dowels by tightly wrapping masking tape on one end and do the same where you cut line will be. Use the chop saw - cut one end to square the bundle up - set up a stop block at the length you want butt the bundle up to the stop block and cut to length. Two cuts will give you 30 pieces in minutes.

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Thanks to both of you, great ideas. I hope to show the trucks when done. Making 3 at once.

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Hi everyone!  This is my first post and so glad to join you all.  I also plan, like shrimpmojo, on making more than one of the same toy, at one time.  Well, maybe not on my first try though, LOL.

What significant differences are there between chop saw, band saw and scroll saw?  I have not purchased any yet as I am still trying to further define what I will need and to come up with an approximate budget.  

So far, I have a miter saw, a hand coping saw and all kinds of sanding tools!  I planned also on getting a small table saw, a used drill press and a good jigsaw!

Any advice you have is way welcome [smile] !
john lewman

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Hi Valery,

You ask a most important question. I started my toy business over 50 years ago with a used table saw, drill press and scroll saw. I still find that these are the tools that I use every day and more than any other tool. here is a link on this website about the basics of scrollsawing:

Happy Toymaking!
Ken Martin

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Hello Valery

My first pick for a shop tool is the Scroll Saw, then a drill press.  I like a table saw mostly to get the blanks cut down to be ready to cut at the scroll saw.

With a scroll saw you can do 75% of the plans you see at which will keep you busy for years.
Also the scroll saw is the safest power tool in your shop.

Excited to see you starting on your toy making adventure.

Kenneth W Martin

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I tend to make larger toys so my needs are slightly different. But I agree with everyone on the tools to use but instead of the table saw I use the bandsaw a lot(I do own a table saw) and my scrollsaw has a nice layer of dust on it but does get used on occasions.
The drill press is a must as it can also be used as a cheap bobbin sander


I have so much fun playing with wood.

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Table saw, scroll saw, drill press, surface planer, jointer, and miter saw; will make you a mighty toymaker!

Jeremy Talbot
Little Al's Garage
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