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Does someone know if you can use baby oil to make the beeswax finish.

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Tino - I just did an internet search on what is the difference between mineral oil and baby oil. The only thing I am finding is ...  the difference is ... baby oil is perfumed, a fragrance has been added to it. I could not find anything that says it is softer, gentler, safer, etc.
So my friend, I can not really tell you something I can stand behind because I do not know.
They sound the same, I have not used baby oil to make a wax paste.

You'll have to do your own internet search and make the decision.

Maybe one of our members, who knows a bit more, can jump in and post a reply, something with some meat to it to answer your question.


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Thanks Udie. I have access to bees wax at $5 per pound. I am getting 2 pounds tomorrow and will try to make a small amount with the baby oil. The baby oil is a lot less and if it doesn't work I can always use it on my 4 week old grandson. ☺

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I'm finding beeswax in this area sold only in 2lb packages, for 15-17 dollars. Thats why I searched for an alternative. I used Gulf wax/mineral oil mitxure. Works pretty well, on my next batch I might increase the amount of wax to a pint of mineral oil.

Jeremy Talbot
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