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john lewman

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This is an interesting and rather genius design from DIY Builds. The CNC has a half sheet of plywood cut capacity with a maximum thickness allowance of 6". The entire unit cost under $900 to make. A free set of plans and cost breakdown analysis (with links to every product used) is available for download at

I of course have not built this....yet. But the video is fascinating!


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I watched this video and was thoroughly impressed. If I had the room for it, I would probably give it a shot. I also visited his website and downloaded a few other things he has plans and videos for. Thanks for sharing this John.

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I too have seen this before, last year while trying to decide whether to scratch-build or buy a ready-made cnc machine.
 I realised that I would have needed to buy a drop-saw, a nail-gun and compressor  and a way-better table saw to be able to make the parts, so I did investigate if a local cnc-routing business could have cut the parts for me. Initial materials costing in local currency came too close to the cost of a purchased all-metal machine kit. 

However the fact that timber is not very dimensionally stable, the "guides" were rudimentary at best, and belt drive slip/stretch issues moaned about on various cnc forums, convinced me this machine would not meet my accuracy or repeatability requirements.  The fact that it was also way bigger than I needed put the nail in its coffin for me.


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I built a Gatton CNC. He has a weekly show on Sat 8pm Eastern; and a facebook group Gatton CNC. Worth it if you are willing to take up the challenge of building one yourself. 
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