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Ken Martin

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Hello Friends

Yesterday I went to Habitat for Humanity looking for a chest of drawers for my work shop. Instead I found two cabinets that will work for my work tables I was building. I was amazed at all the stuff they have for sale there.  If you have a Habitat for Humanity in your home town go check them out. They have so much donated to them they sell off what they are not going to put in a new build.

Of course, I went there with this green and gold bi-plane in my hand as I always do.

 It was such a big hit the lady in charge of the warehouse started giving me stuff for our Smiles For Miles program. The photos below show the wood flooring squares they gave me.


These tiles will make a bunch of Mini Martin Motors.  I glue two back to back and when dry apply the pattern.  Then start cutting.

DSC04215_mini.JPG  DSC04216_mini.JPG  DSC04217_mini.JPG

After I got home yesterday, I received a call from the warehouse manager at Habitat for Humanity letting me know they were going to be throwing out some wood tomorrow, and if I wanted to pick it up to come get it.

So I cut out a few cars for them to give away for their little clients that visit the warehouse with their parents, and will deliver them when I pick the donated wood.

The following photos show the results of a couple hours of fun effort.

DSC04194_mini.JPG  DSC04211_mini.JPG  DSC04205_mini.JPG  DSC04195_mini.JPG 
Some of our little friends will get some smiles out of these simple little cars.

You never know what good things will come from carrying a toy with you when out shopping, having dinner with the wife, or going to Home Depot for more supplies.

If you want to have some fun and do some interesting marketing, carry a toy and some simple business cards with you.

Kenneth W Martin

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Each of your toy carrying excursions, away from the house, are just a delight to read. I think you may have to prepare yourself for more on-site customer sales. Sounds to me like you might consider traveling with the trunk of you car loaded with your toys. Why be limited in only selling one toy when there seems to be an opportunity to be selling more.

I think making the Mini-Martin Motors and giving them to the facility is an brilliant idea.
It will embed your need for wood in their minds and I am confident you will be receiving many phone calls in the future alerting you that there is wood for pickup.

The mini-martin motors appear to be a real hit.

So far you have managed to eat for free, get wood for free, what you have to work on is finding someone who will give you wheels for free. LOL
You are "Living the Dream" Ken, good for you.
john lewman

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Great post Ken. Thanks for the pro photos and write-up. I will be heading over to Habitat for Humanity today.

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Great post, again awesome wooden toy. Thanks for sharing.
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