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I was toying around with the idea of making Hot Rod Freaky Ford rat rods. I sprayed some bodies with automotive primer. The primer was so soft that I decided it needed a clear coat and coated it with polyurethane. Even the satin finish polyurethane was to shiny. So I though no great loss I'll just paint them. I sanded until all the gloss was gone from the polyurethane and applied some pretty baby blue paint. It went on smooth and covered well.

They next day I went to check on the cars to see if they needed another coat of paint. There was something stuck in the paint on one of the cars. I scratched at it with my finger nail and the paint came with it. I could peal the paint off with my finger nails. So I spent my evening yesterday with four car bodies a scraper and a piece of 80 grit sand paper sanding the cars back down to the primer. I actually tossed them in the trash before having second thought about throwing all that work away.

If I'm going to make some with the rat rod look I need something clear and flat to go over the primer that will stick good.

Any ideas?

I don't want to just paint them brown. I want to coat the sanded primer so it looks like a work in progress.

Automotive primer seals MDF quite well.

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