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Rod T

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Hi Everyone

Just wanted to know if anyone has used the Dremel Router Table Attachment?

I have a normal router attached to a wing on my table saw, which is fine for larger items. 
But I am thinking of cutting a very fine rounded corner on the edges of some toys. Smallest roundover bit I have is 3mm radius, which is pretty small, but just wanted to know if anyone has used the Dremel to do this. 

Dremel Shaper_Router Table 231 hand new (EN) r50965v17.jpg 

Rod T


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Its OK but certainly not for big cuts - there can be some flexing in the table but if you take it slowly it will work - I must admit I don't use mine now as I have graduated to other processes/tools but it did for while. T

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I tried using a dremel base for hand held routing. The results were disappointing. The high speed steel bits burned the wood because there were no bit with bearings. If your going this route it would be better to find a source of good bits first.

If it were me I would put my money in a trim router. You can get high quality round over bits with 1/16 inch radius and 1/4 inch shank.

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Rod T

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Thanks guys

You confirmed my suspicions. 
After looking at the router bits for the Dremel I thought there could be a burning issue. 

I'll look into the trim router option. Should be pretty easy to make a base for one of these to clamp to my bench.

Rod T


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I have the router table, but not used it....have done all my Dremel routing by hand / free hand. That said, have not had burning issues on soft woods (not routed hard woods w/ the Dremel).

The issue is speed control when feeding the stock in to the bit and sharpness of the bit. Small as the Dremel bits are, you may as well pitch them when they get dull. I didn't find the lack of a bearing on the bits to be a issue, but I learned routing a long time ago before bearing equipped bits were common.

Rod T

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Thanks everyone.
I decided to follow BadBob's advice, having remembered that I bought a trim router some time ago at a ridiculously discounted price. 

I found a 2mm Radius router bit on the weekend. 
Fitted this to my Trim Router and made a rudimentary table for it. 
Basically a board with a hole in it. 
Now that it is setup, it is very quick and easy to clamp to the bench and use. 

Very solid and no flex in the board etc. 

I did a few test pieces, but that is as far as I got on the weekend. 
I'll do a few of the Play Pals and post some pics next weekend.

Rod T

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