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Drill Stops

We have all experienced the need for one - at one time or another.
So what do you do to make a drill stop?
Let me guess ... wrapping good old fashioned painters tape around the drill bit has never let me down.

Well there are other alternatives, let us look at a couple of other quick solutions that will produce repeatable results when hand drilling.

1 Drill Stops.jpg 
Click on the link below which will open the PDF file to learn more.

pdf Drill Stops.pdf     

Happy Toy Making Drilling
Imants Udris (Udie)

phantom scroller

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Udie yep the good old tape for me, some good ideas there. thanks

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Udie there is always the drill stop on most drill presses if one is to do a lot of scroll work on the same thickness of wood but I have also used the Electrical Tape.
Ken Martin

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   I have just gotten my first Drill Stop Set thanks to a great friend, and will have to say they are fun and easy to use.
I have always used tape before, and the Drill Stops make it neater and cleaner to use.
   Thanks to my friend I have a new toy that really helps in my shop.

Kenneth W Martin
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