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I just want to add that I don't drill the entire hole with the drill in reverse, I just start it and get past the area where tear out will be an issue.....

This is a good time to bring up why you get tear out. If you understand how things cut, then you'll know why. (if you know all this you can skip it) A table saw, chop saw, and scroll saw, all cut on the down stroke which slices through the grain of the wood, shearing it off cleanly. Drills on the other hand pull UP which doesn't shear off the grain, it pulls it up away from the part. This is why I like using down cut spiral router bits....the top gets sheared off perfectly clean......

Drill bits do this to clean out the hole of shavings which is why you get burning with hole saws, they don't pull the shavings out of the cut.......

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I know this is an old post but I just wanted to share a tip re drilling holes. If you countersink the hole first and then drill the hole it seems to be a bit cleaner with less tearout. The drill bit centres nicely in the countersink. Combine this with the piolt hole and countersinking then drilling from both sides it works quite well.
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