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 Fence.jpg Made this simple screen for No1 daughter, quick and easy. the frame is 2" x  2" PSE Mortice and Tennon jointed. The top is 4" x 2" CLS framing stud. The uprights are 1/2" squares and the slats are 1//4" x 2" cut on the bandsaw from a 2" X 9" plank. then I had to put some threaded rod under the legs with a couple of nuts and washers to take care of the slope of the ground.
Method. Make up the frames to the width and height required with Mortice & Tennon joints, Slot the uprights on one side in the middle, 1/2" deep will do. On the cross members, drill or Square chisel 2 or three holes, again 1/2" deep and 1/2" square or round at equi distance apart. cut the top of the frame flush to the sides and leave a couple of inches at the bottom to keep the frame off the ground. cut the 1/4" slats from any 2" thick material and be sure to make them about 4" longer than the width of the frame and grooves because the weaving effect adds to the length needed. make sure the slats snug fit the thickness of the the grooves or you will end up having to sand all the ends of the slats to fit. thread the first slat through to the full depth of the groove on the far end to determine the true length of the slats then you know how long to cut them.
The beauty of this is that it is unusual, decorative and light on material as 2no x 9" planks cut on the bansaw will produce about 30 slats, enough to fill a 5' high frame. I inserted lengths of 1/2" threaded rod to the bottom of the frames with a coule of nuts and penny washers to level them off and the 4" X 2" to the top to stabilise the whole thing when done.

I hope this explanation makes sence, I have no camera in my workshop to show how it is done. I will try to answer any questions put to me.   

Make my day, give me some wood.
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