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Easy Weekenders Plan Set People
Let me introduce to you my clan of Easy Weekenders People.
24 Family Photo Reduced.jpg 
This is a terrific early plan set from our friends at
Easy to build, a great design for making more than one at one time.
The plan set includes four (4) vehicles, scenery, building block structures and my favorite the Easy Weekenders People.
The vehicles can be easily modified to create your own fleet of custom vehicles.
Here is the front cover of the plan set.
1 Front Page.jpg 
Join me as I demonstrate how I made my clan of Easy Weekenders people. I did take a different approach to building these from the plan set and will show you the wood I used, the mistake I did during the build, my recovery and a second batch of perfect people.

Please click on the photo below which will open the link to a downloadable PDF file.
WTN First Page.jpg 
Happy Toy Making Easy Weekenders People
Imants Udris (Udie)

john lewman

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   This is a fantastic idea and the downloadable PDF file made my day. Your instructions are a worthwhile read and an important contribution to toymaking.
   Thanks for all the hard work on this!
Ken Martin

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   I enjoyed reading this article with a cup of coffee, it was a great break from the shop.
You have made something special and shown the rest of us how we can do it too.
   I loved that you showed the boo boo, and how you adapted to the mess-cut and saved the item, they made for cute Easy Weekender Kids.
   Thanks for the time and effort you put into this presentation.
Just love it.

Kenneth W Martin

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These are very cute.  The steps are good spelled out and I like how you show your mistakes and a recovery.  I do think these people can go in many of the wtn plans.  Thanks for sharing.
phantom scroller

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STUPENDOUS Udie love the little people great PDF work.
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