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Thank you Cynthia and John for restoring older posts in other-wooden-toys categories.

Peter V,
the magnets used were approx 1/2" dia x 1/4" which general purpose button magnets, the sort you might find on fridge magnet ornaments.
I steered away from the smaller more powerful ones to avoid swallowing issues if accidental breakage occurred.
 Please feel free to copy, ( I do). Afraid there are only rough sketches, no fancy full plans like John does. I can email you what I have if you wish.

If a job's worth doing, it's worth doing well
Martin L

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What a great addition to the Mercedes truck. 
Peter V

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thanks for the permission, pse send me what you have on this, my e-mail is
plverhulst add 
looking forward to it [smile]

Do you know of RC hinges, example 

(and, depending of the type of hinge you use- or choose, slot cutter(s)

these ones are expensive, but the video is (a sort of) instructive. )I never glued my hinges, secured them with dirlling al little hole and then a toothpick right through, sanding flush and paint/covering with oracover. DSC06966.jpg  DSC06967.jpg  DSC06972.jpgIf hinges are hard to get for you, I can send some over, just let me know.




Peter V
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