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This is my second build following on from doing half of the play pals. I've been experimenting with my new table saw and band saw to see which techniques work for me. "New" is relative though - the table saw is a cheap second hand contractor saw that needs work to make accurate cuts, and the band saw was bought completely broken and has been rebuilt. I've ended up building a cross-cut sled for the table saw and I'm working on a jig for my hand held belt sander to make sanding easier.

I had intended to build this as per the plans, but I messed up drilling the fence supports (they weren't aligned and I didn't have the right drill bit - I only have metric drills but the dowels are imperial) and my daughter requested a tipper section. So, having already built the whole truck without the bed I attempted to bodge a working tipper bed on to it. It's not particularly well done, but it's functional. I've learned a lot about what not to do though!

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john lewman

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This is beautifully crafted and designed. Thanks for posting!
Grandpa Bear

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Looks good to me, is that pine you've used?

I also modify some of the plans as I don't have the right tools, wood etc.

But the beauty of John's plans are that it's quite easy to still make the toy build look and work good.
Keep posting, especially any pitfalls or tips that you come across.

Best wishes Nick

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Thanks for the kind words, guys.

Yes, it's largely made from pine, but also some scrap 6mm plywood that I laminated to 12mm. I expect it to pick up some marks from use because it's now part of my kids toy selection. A harder wood might have been better, but while I'm learning how to do this, the scrap wood will do just fine.

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Nice one simdel1.

Getting your inexpensive tools up to the task is part of the journey ( necessity is the mother of invention) and keeps the old brain working well.

Don't be too concerned about imperial dowel and metric drills. Imperial 1/4" dowel can readily be sanded down to become 6mm dowell, they are only a quarter mm ( or 10thou") different.   Alternatively............
Making toys is a great way to build your tool selection, as one can always justify the expense to one's better / other half by pointing out the money saved making, not buying toys. A basic imperial drill set from Bunnings or similar is really cheap, especially when it can be used on so many more toys in the future.

I also think your material choices are OK given the "target market" will play a bit rough.
 I feel I sometimes spend far too much on nice new timber only to suffer a bit of disappointment when the highly finished toy cops rough handling by a child too young to discern the difference.

Keep up the good work, keep us in the loop.


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