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These are completed and ready to go to my retail outlet. I used Metallic Martha Stewart paint I picked up clearanced at Home Depot. Regularly $21 a quart I paid $9. A quart will last quite a while!

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Ken Martin

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Hello petesocks

I like what your did with the Fat Fendered Fords.

I just started using Metallic's on some of my toys, and really like the way they paint.

Question:  1.  Did you use a primer before painting?
2.  Did you put a protective coat on the cars after the metallic paint, like poly or something?
3.  Is your retail outlet a store front or an online store?

I have an ETSY site at under FuzzyDuck Creations.  I would like to follow you if you have an online presence.

Again excellent work, and thanks for sharing with us.
I look forward to seeing more of your work.

Kenneth W Martin

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Petesocks - Excellent group of Fat Fender vehicles.
The metallic paint seems to be a new trend - a completely new different look.
Ken had some very good questions, looking forward to learning your technique also.


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Look real nice .... but I am a Ford man from the git-go.
Lloyd in Texas

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These fords look really great. And a great buy on the paint. I think I'll start looking for reduced paint when I make a trip to the lumber throw away bin. I love the metallic effect. My next projects for retail was to create the ford line of patterns. I like them because they are simple and easy to make and appear to be sturdy for the little ones.
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