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Dave Wester

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Hi, I've been following for a while, but I just registered so I could share a jig I came up with while attempting to mount the fenders today with my freaky fat fingers.

20141005_100523 (2).jpg 
I cut a left and a right side pattern out of 1/4" hard board. You can use what ever material you want as long as it is thinner than your fenders. It doesn't matter which car you choose because all the wheel bases are the same.

20141005_100621 (3).jpg 

mount both sides to car by sliding dowels through the axle holes.

20141005_100645 (2).jpg 

apply glue and mount all four fenders into jig

20141005_100724 (2).jpg 
clamp and remove dowels and the jig just slides out ready to glue up your next car.


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Dave - Excellent tip [thumb]. Your technique can be applied to many plan sets and will really help when doing final assembly of many of the same types at one time. Thanks for jumping in and sharing that with us.
Ken Martin

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Great idea Dave
One of my challenges is always getting both fenders lined up while gluing them up.Your idea will help for lots of things.
Thank you for sharing your idea.
Sharing ideas is the best part of the forum.
Also. please post photos of some of your finished work.

Kenneth W Martin

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This is awesome.  Thank you so much for sharing.
It does apply to so many plans. - Cindy

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   It looks like a real winner one that will be used for a lot of the toys that are on toymaker, Like Kenny said this is the main reason for the forums many minds working on one problem and that means success for a problem to be solved. This is a two fingers up will make my tractors and dozers go together faster and much easier.

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That is a great idea . I am going to make that ,Thanks Douglas

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Dave, thanks for showing this jig, it can be used for some other plans as well. I can see where it will save a lot of time and frustration when assembling. This is one of those light bulb moments, "why didn't I think of that?"
Steve Currier

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Well dang it, wouldn't you know it, I fooled around and learned something today. This fender jig will come in very handy. Thanx and best wishes to you and yours.

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Great tip five out five thanks it will help a lots toy makers.
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