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john lewman

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Well, I am back to the drawing board after some weeks of recovery from my Hospital gig. The sketches shown are for a 3 plane fleet of WW2 fighters Plan Set plus a later set of plans for a souped up Model A 4-door sedan Power Wagon the scale of the Hill Billy Hot Rods that will include the sedan, a roadster and a panel wagon. 

The planes could be the scale of the Vietnam Fighters or bigger like the P-51 Mustang plan set.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

WW2 Planes N Power Wagon sketches.jpg  power wagon sketch.jpg


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I love the airplanes and the Model A looks cool also.  I look  forward to ordering the airplanes.
Glenn Funderburk

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Glad to hear you have recovered John.

Planes are cool.  Perhaps some mod-podge-able decals  included ( I would struggle with freehand painting the tiger teeth on the P40.
The gull wing joints on the Corsair could be a bit fragile. May I suggest a dovetail style of joint to increase the bond area and put some of it in shear , not just butt joined?

The Vietnam fighter scale is just right for me, and could be scaled up/down anyway for those who want more/less.

As for the hotrod, .... only SIX exhausts??  c'mon, a hotrod without a V8?  shame!
john lewman

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Wombat...I appreciate your suggestions. Will switch from V6 to V8 and carefully engineer the F4 Corsair wings and with planes to the Vietnam scale. Will also include printable decals.
Martin L

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Hi John glad see your back at the drawing board.
I'm not much of a plane person but the model A is right up my alley.  So keep them coming.

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More fighter planes and a hot rod, what is not to like?

I'm happy to see the P-47 Thunderbolt in the mix. It was a workhorse in WWII. I would also like to see an A-10 Thunderbolt II, aka Warthog.

Not too complicated or fragile, please, I build toys for kids, not models.

Advanced techniques are the basics perfectly applied.
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Good morning gents and a merry Xmas to you all
I have not made any aircraft yet, but have downloaded the Vietnam ones, to have a go at.
The new ones look very good and I will definitely have a go with them.
Love the Model A.
Cheers Andy
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