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I could go on and on and on 😉 My suggestions for puzzles are endless, I just don´t know where to post them.

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I would like to have puzzles that will fit flat into an 8.5" x 11" Bubble Mailer Envelope. Any larger than that and I have to stock multiple mailer sizes.  Puzzles are easy to ship n this type of mailer. I can ship them assembled flat. I wrap the assembled puzzle tightly in plastic wrap, add an extra layer of padding, and stick them in an envelope. I can ship in boxes, but that usually requires me to disassemble the puzzle and wrap the pieces individually. Shipping in boxes also requires extra packing material such as bubble wrap or air pillows. Shipping in boxes is more expensive than envelopes.

I would also like to see simple puzzles targeted at children in the three to ten year range. Part count is essential here. I use the rule of thumb that says that the number of puzzle pieces should be the child's age plus one. Applying this rule, a puzzle designed for a three year old would have four parts. There are plenty of exceptions, to this rule but, it is a good place to start. My grandson can put together jigsaw puzzles with 25 or more pieces. The child's parents will know the child's skill level and can choose appropriately.

I would like to see some new twist on the alphabet and number puzzles. Simple and easy to make is best here. With an alphabet puzzle, you start with 25 pieces and go up. I make an alphabet snake that has 38 scroll saw blade changes.

Dragons would be a good subject for puzzles and dinosaurs.

Advanced techniques are the basics perfectly applied.
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kstano83 - post your comments on puzzles right here. I am using this thread of posts as a planning base for a line of puzzles.

BadBob - thanks again for these super helpful ideas. I will use them as I continue to flesh out a puzzle line.

Keep the ideas flowing guys. It is vital to my making relevant puzzles patterns that will resonate with customers and fans.
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